Monitor and Document Debris Removal operations audit and reconcile Fast

An Advanced Mobile Application & Supporting Administrator Software that accurately documents and tracks all debris removal processes throughout a disaster




Krinkle Debris Tracker    is an automated debris Management system designed to help monitoring companies and jurisdictions prevent fraud, control their data, and quickly audit and reconcile  after a major disaster. 

     LHS Recon Team Leader's Home screen

     LHS Recon Team Leader's Home screen


easily meet and exceed FEMA standards

Krinkle Debris Tracker meets and exceeds all the FEMA data tracking requirements during the debris removal process. Our application acts as a step-by-step guide for every monitor, recon team leader, and truck certifier to use on the field. Simplify and speed up the FEMA reimbursement process. Our advanced system incorporates all of FEMA's documented best practices, forms, and processes from the official FEMA-325 documentation. Keep your data organized, accurate, and up-to-date.

Google Earth reports 

See every aspect of the water debris mission, land debris mission and leaners, hangers, and stumps on Google Earth at the click of a button. These valuable reports can be easily shared with your jurisdictional customers with ease.  

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A Competitive advantage for your monitoring co. 

Providing an ADMS system is essential in winning contracts with jurisdictions when it comes to debris removal RFPs. Krinkle Debris Tracker will allow you to start winning RFPs as the prime contractor. Presenting our software, as your own, will give your monitoring company a competitive advantage. In addition, we offer full support with your Request for Proposal (RFP) responses by providing a white paper, mobile screenshots, images of our reports and more. 

CApture Contract Terms and CALCULATE Payments 

Krinkle Debris Tracker doesn't just track debris, it also allows monitoring companies and/or jurisdictions enter all payment terms of each contract. This gives you the ability to easily see what is owed and who it is owed to at any point. Payment terms between debris removal companies and their clients can be highly variable and incredibly complicated, but our software keeps track of those terms and simplifies the process. Nearly every combination of payment possibilities can be entered into the system and amounts owed can be calculated and reported on instantly. The time saved by instant "payments due reconciliation" cannot be overstated.  Reconcile with your debris removal companies, at any time, with the touch of a button.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Whether you’re a monitoring company or a self-monitoring jurisdiction, our software will instantly provide all the relevant and necessary geospatial and summary reports you will need. Our variety of useful reports will track ongoing progress of every aspect of the project and calculate payments associated with the debris removal effort. Our system will give you the ability to run progress reports, daily and cumulative, including a variety of reimbursement reports and fraud detection reports.   


Pre-printed tickets with unique barcodes 

Krinkle Debris Tracker does not require a mobile printer in the field. Mobile printers are prone to failure and are a hassle. With mobile printers eliminated from the process, equipment failing in the field will not be an issue. Our approach is the use of a mobile device or tablet, partnered with a book of pre-printed haul tickets (and cut and extract tickets for LHS). This combination ensures work in the field will not be interrupted by a failing printer. The pre-printed haul tickets are convenient to carry and are each printed with a unique barcode that can be scanned with your mobile device's camera and associated with the details of the effort. 

                                 Debris Haul Ticket

                        Lean/Hang Cut & Stump Extract Ticket

works offline for hours on end

Hurricane zones and other disaster areas are not known for their available cellular networks. Destroyed cell towers can be down for weeks on end and connectivity is often unavailable on the field. Krinkle Debris Tracker app can work for hours without a network connection. A connection to a network is only needed once every day or two.


Eliminate Redundant Data Entry

After a major disaster, debris removal could take months. Debris Removal can produce countless data records that need to be input into spreadsheets. This task is time consuming, costly, mind-numbing, and prone to human error. Bad or missing data is often the result. Krinkle Debris Tracker eliminates hours of redundant and erroneous data entry. All the debris data from the field will be captured electronically, via the user's mobile device or tablet, and will be automatically transferred back to the reporting system. Trying to keep track of critical data on paper will not be an issue and reports will be instantly available. 


process management

Krinkle Debris Tracker automates, manages, and tracks the entire debris removal process. Keep track of debris removal contractors, their trucks, and their employees right in the software. You can certify trucks, no matter the shape, size, or complexity. Keep track of monitors and identify those monitors by their unique roles. Our application will act as a step-by-step instructional guide for monitors and employees. Our system also allows you to keep track of all unique payment terms on a contractor-by-contractor basis. Calculations of money owed to both debris removal contractors and monitoring sub-contractors can be created at the touch of a button. 

Unique User Roles

When it comes to debris removal, there are many unique roles and different processes per role. Our comprehensive system recognizes this and will produce a unique app flow based on the role your workers log in with. The chart below outlines the user roles already built into the system and the capabilities those roles have within the Krinkle Debris Tracker application. 

    Haul Monitor's Screen

      Debris Admin's Screen

    Tower Monitor's Screen

      LHS Monitor's Screen



The pricing philosophy of Krinkle Debris Tracker is based on simple, hourly based billing and a one-time account setup fee. Only pay for the users that are using it, with no monthly subscriptions or additional licensing fees. Software-as-a-Service always includes all end-user support and all software updates are included. Our sophisticated SmartForms in coordination with our workflow capabilities keep your projects organized and moving forward. Any additional customization requests are also readily and inexpensively available, but are rarely needed. The system is already comprehensive. Finally, our application can be used from the device you already own and are currently using or we can offer you hardware options for purchase or lease.


Krinkle Debris Tracker (The iOS & Android Mobile Application)

Contains all the required SmartForms, guided process flows and unique user role applications needed for managing almost all debris removal tasks requiring data collection and data reporting. All of our SmartForms and the guided processes they manage were developed in cooperation with debris removal and monitoring company subject matter experts (SMEs). No limit is placed on the number of devices running the mobile app. Download the application on as many devices needed. 

Krinkle Reporting Manager (Runs on PCs and your Mobile Device)

Generate reports from any PC or mobile device. Provide jurisdictions with the required debris monitoring reports. You can even give them the reporting tools to run on their own These reports can be generated instantly and can be formatted how you would like (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF). Run as many reports as you need, and do so from as many PCs or mobile devices as you would like, at no extra charge. 

Data Explorer (Runs on PC)

 Sometimes, formal reporting output is not what users are looking for.  They often need a quick way to view, sort, and filter the data as soon as it comes in. This allows them to answer questions they may have in ways that pre-made reports may not. Data Explorer is a simple-to-use, valuable PC tool that allows managers and administrators to easily review and organize all the data coming in from the field, as soon as it arrives.  It allows them to build and run custom searches with minimal training.  Sorting, filtering and exporting data to excel for any purpose is easily achieved by all administrators of the data, no matter how "computer savvy" they may or may not be.


pay only when you need it

The Krinkle Debris Tracker software suite includes everything your company needs to monitor, track, and report on the debris removal processes throughout a project.  You will only be charged when monitors are actively using it to support live projects. Training on the system between projects is free for our customers. 


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Does your company need other Custom forms in addition to what's included? Our team can build any number of custom forms in a matter of days.
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